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Oct 15th, 2017
To do something in life, everyone needs motivation because every individual has some set of aim and ambition. It is the combination of engagement, happiness, values, beliefs and desire that encourages us to do the work. Every individual work for a different purpose but the main reason is people get something from work that motivates them to continue. It is necessary to know what matters to them and why it is important. Once you know, it will be easy to achieve success and happiness. It’s all about money   In a materialistic world, nothing is free, not even death; everything... + continue reading
Oct 10th, 2017
As a human being we all are committing mistakes, but to be honest, there is no second chance to rectify it in a real world. Often people are saying that you can’t learn if you don’t make a mistake. It’s true but not applicable in every area especially if it is related to your career. In reality, you will get only one opportunity for showing your skills or a seat in a premier institute or a job that you love to do. If you miss it, you lose it forever. There is no second chance. The difference between successful people and common is successful people, don't miss an opportunity whereas common... + continue reading
Oct 06th, 2017
You complete the technical round, written test successfully and fulfil all the criteria that require for the job role but still failed to get the job. It’s because of your failure to make an impression at the HR interview. Usually, tough questions are asked to challenge the candidate and check their ability to face the situation.  As a candidate, preparing for an interview means being ready for the basic questions as well as tricky questions you may not have an idea. Sometimes hiring managers to ask tricky questions to give a deeper sense if you are fit for the organisation or not.... + continue reading
Oct 05th, 2017
A hiring decision can affect your organization’s future, performance, time and training resources. If you make a bad hire then everything will be ruined and can severely affect the fate of the company. Whether you are a startup or a big corporation with IPO, it doesn’t matter if your hiring process is not pre-planned, you won’t be able to hire a right guy. So while hiring you should care about these following steps. Telephonic interview Don’t start pre-screening interview from the beginning. It is a waste of time and energy for both organization and its employees. Always start... + continue reading
Jul 27th, 2017
Campus recruitments are an important part of an engineering college. So important that most students join engineering colleges just to get to that day when they will be selected by a company! No doubt that getting placed in your first job is really a great feeling, but seldom do students get the job and the salary they want from campus recruitments. It is more like a compromise they have to make while taking their first job.   Many engineering colleges don't have a placement cell in the first place. So the challenge for them is to set up a campus placement cell which assists... + continue reading

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