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Jan 11th, 2017
Many companies, especially those that are starting out often make the mistake of promoting a good sales representative to the post of a sales manager. This tends to be a wrong judgment in most cases. Just because a person may have done a stellar job as an individual contributor, does not mean he or she will become a good sales manager as well. Knowing the playing field is one thing, but to become the coach is an entirely different issue. According to an in-house research conducted by a business development consultant to the medical industry, Drew Stevens (PhD, and author of split second... + continue reading
4 main requirements to excel in Sales
Jan 09th, 2017
    Sales professionals require certain skills or requirements to excel in their field. These requirements are mandatory for a sales professional to learn and implement to show good results. Let us learn about the four major requirements for every sales professional to become effective.   Product knowledge The product knowledge is one of the most important things every sales guy has to learn. Without the product knowledge, one cannot explain or sell the product to the customer. A sales guy who doesn’t completely understand the product they’re selling is a totally... + continue reading
Jan 06th, 2017
    The art of selling is a vital factor for not only the big names but for any start-up as well. Even if a company has a pretty amazing solution to a particular problem, they often do not understand the sales side of business. As a result of which, many start-ups with great potential, often fail. It is often seen that a lot of assumptions are made, that often fall short of their expectations. This requires proper customer validation. The potential for the product's success needs to be researched prior to getting to the technical part i.e talking to customers and asking them if... + continue reading
Jan 05th, 2017
    With the advent of social networking sites, a new way of selling has emerged: social selling. Social selling is the latest invention in selling where salespersons use social media to interact directly with their prospects. They provide value by answering the questions posed by prospects and by offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy. It is revolutionary in the sense that it engages the prospects when they want to be engaged rather than interrupt their lives by cold calling and hard selling.   Social media marketing and social selling are different... + continue reading
Jan 03rd, 2017
As human beings, making mistakes is the first step in learning. Some mistakes help you to learn but some mistakes cost you a fortune. In sales, the professionals should be very careful while doing their work because even the smallest of mistakes can turn into the biggest blunder. Here some of the common mistakes that the sales professionals do. Talking too much, listening too less The most common mistake every sales professional does is talking too much and not listening to customers. Selling a product is not about talking, it is more about listening. If you talk too much without... + continue reading
Jan 02nd, 2017
Time management is one of the most challenging tasks for the sales people. Improper time management leads to loss of productivity, missing deadlines and low work quality. In order to eliminate these, the following are five tips on managing time for sales teams. Plan your prospects Prospects mean an event which is going to occur in future. Schedule your sales calls, client visits, paper works and other tasks in your free time. Make prospecting a daily habit. Spend an hour in your day to check or explore your client base. It is not an easy task but it is one of the most important things... + continue reading
Dec 07th, 2016
    After I was done watching the Wolf of Wall Street, I was a little perplexed. How did Jordan Belfort manage to convince so many of his credulous clients into taking his offers? How he could manage to fool so many people for such a long time. He must be a hell of a salesman to pull something like this off! Jordan Belfort’s life of avarice has plenty of takeaways. He was a pertinacious salesman who would not take ‘no’ for an answer and always managed to successfully convince his credulous clients or potential clients with his usual blarney to invest their money in doomed... + continue reading
Dec 01st, 2016
In any business organization, Sales is the department that generates the revenue. No matter how good is your product or how fulfilling your services are, you need to have a proper sales mechanism in place to facilitate the generation of revenue. Sales techniques are ephemeral and what has worked yesterday may not work today. They are constantly evolving. They also need to be changed depending on the type of audience you are selling to. Constant innovation and ingenuity are required to succeed in sales. Throughout the course of time, there were certain individuals who defined new boundaries... + continue reading
Nov 25th, 2016
The decision to take a commission based job always confronts those who are on the verge of starting a career in sales. The decision acts as a major roadblock. We are going to help you make that decision and thereby help you with the question: whether a sales career is suitable for you? It is understandable that not everyone is suitable for a successful career in sales. Each occupation requires a certain set of skill sets and personality type. Sales are no exception. There is a specific formula of skills and personality types that are essential for a commission based job. As a salesperson,... + continue reading
Nov 18th, 2016
Most business aspects are getting automated today. Software companies are gearing up for automation for handling mundane tasks in a bid to increase their profit margin and reduce the number of employees on their payroll. Even banks have started automation with ICICI bank introducing software robots (The first Indian bank to do so).  Over 200 software robots now perform 10 lakh transactions per day. However, one field where it will be a challenge to introduce automation in sales negotiations.  The sales sector has seen its share of automation. Sales force automation is a technique of... + continue reading