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Why don't candidates appear for the interview and how to deal with it?

Dec 09th, 2017

  Even the unemployment is at peak, lots of people don’t show up for the interview, and the worst part is hiring managers don’t even send... + continue reading

The no-fail way to improve your focus on work

Dec 06th, 2017

  The greatest challenge that human being is facing right now is concentration, and the problem is becoming serious day by day even after making a fast-paced and technological driven world where things are getting done within a limited time... + continue reading

The impact of candidate’s experience on your brand

Dec 02nd, 2017

  A company runs only due to the great customer service experience, and bad reviews can devastate its reputation and revenue at a significant level, and it is not the only duty of customer care... + continue reading

7 Ways to overcome the Mid-Career Crisis

Dec 01st, 2017

  You feel exhausted while coming in office and everything in your life happens like as if anyone forces to do all the things you really don’t want to do or feel irritation by repeating it. Whatever happens in your life become boring, and you seem to have no... + continue reading

The changing face of work culture: From office to Remote

Nov 28th, 2017

  The revolution of remote work is just a decade old, but changes the work culture of companies completely while, in a country like India, it is still considered as a taboo by most of the companies to adopt... + continue reading