At MINTLY, our goal is to help people in their career. We are inspired by ZAPPOS. We always try hard to give the best customer service experience to any jobseeker or hiring manager that we serve.
We always believe in adding exponential value to our users.
We started MINTLY on Sep 6,2016 as pivoted version of HR CUBE, our original idea that we launched on Jan 6, 2015. We initially focused on US market but later narrowed down to India as of today.
Our goal is to help 1000 people find their dream career. We think these 1000 people will help us grow 10 times in the future.

We never compromise on our quality of product and service that we offer. We don’t compete with anyone. We compete with ourselves everyday and focus on improving 1% everyday.

We are available 24/7 via Whatsapp, Live chat, Facebook Messenger (welcome our Bots) and over the phone.

When anyone thinks about customer service in HR, we want them to remember MINTLY. Without you, we will never exist in this universe.

Do you need to be successful in Career?

Rejections, Failures are part of the Life Journey. It is the Process. It is very important to surround yourself with people who are smarter and successful than you.
Our goal is to have a Major Impact on 1000 people in their career by end of 2017. So far, we have helped 59 people. You may be the 60th person.

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