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Feb 02nd, 2017
Are salespeople born or can they be trained? Should one concentrate more on the art of sales or the science of it? Which approach can give better and repeated results? These questions are often raised so as to give the sales force a better advantage and equip them with better training to drive sales. Let us delve a... + continue reading
Feb 02nd, 2017
E-mail campaigning, today, is a very common marketing tool to reach out to prospective customers. It is one of the most economical and effective methods for reaching out to a large percentage of consumers. However, if one sees from the point of view of the customer, he will find that most readers while... + continue reading
Why Grooming Is Important For Sales Staff
Feb 02nd, 2017
A sales executive is often the first point of contact between an organization and a prospective customer. The good impression that the sales staff creates in the mind of the prospective customer in his first meeting often paves the way for subsequent meetings and future sales. The first impression, therefore, is... + continue reading